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I started Emerald City Studios in 2020 with the idea of creating pieces that bring people together.
It began with rugs, which often function as the unspoken go-to meeting place, an invitation for all to commune and fellowship.
Since then, our catalog has grown to include other textile and digital work, but the care, intention, and meaning have remained the same.
A unique piece of art or furniture has the power to spark conversation, catalyze the sharing of ideas, and foster inspiration.
At Emerald City Studios, we are in the business of not just creating statement pieces for your home,
but focal points of personal expression that help build community and construct safe spaces in your life.
Let us help make your space a beautiful extension of you.




About the Member

Gene Sewell

Founder | Creative Director

Emerald City Studios
My name is Gene Sewell, originally from the Philadelphia area, now based in Chicago. I’m a textile artist, creative director, and avid design lover. I own Emerald City Studios, a small design studio that specializes in home goods and textile art. I aim to create pieces that are not only eye catching but impactful as well.