RIOTDIVISION, Kyiv-based label was founded in 2010.

Monoproduct turned techwear philosophy is a short story of RIOTDIVISION. The riot against the routine, material and lifestyle attachments is the framework for the main goals of the brand.

Right now the brand team is working in several strategic directions – assisting the Ukrainian army, volunteering and producing clothing. Increasing social responsibility is the conscious choice of the brand, and the RIOTDIVISION team is going to follow it after the war as well.

RIOTDIVISION is aware of its responsibility in this struggle as the representative of artist community. The invaders are trying to diminish the whole culture of living and RIOTDIVISION is a part of this culture as well.




About the Member

Oleh Moroz

"RIOTDIVISION was the first Ukrainian brand to introduce techwear and it aims to stay the best, rethinking the past and looking into the future. RIOTDIVISION’s core values. Curiosity. Adaptation. Modularity. Transformation ability and high technological quality combined with reasonable accessibility. Durability ensured by the search for new techniques and crush-tests. Behind the brand is its founder Oleh Moroz. This is the case where the designer takes part in every stage of production: choosing the fabrics to work with, creating designs, producing the campaigns, searching for new ideas, inspiration and content."