The New Art of Ideas



In a world with a surplus of ideas, what separates a good idea from a bad one? Learn how to cultivate a mindset that produces the kind of ideas people can’t turn down.

Most professionals cannot generate a solid idea. They either offer up tired or reused ones, or they generate lots of ideas but none that are worth pursuing.

A great idea presents a well-formulated thought or plan of action that spurs growth, change, advancement, adaptation, or new insight. Worthwhile ideas move the needle;they change the playing field altogether.

The New Art of Ideas is designed to help readers consistently produce worthwhile ideas by becoming nimble and imaginative thinkers better equipped to compete and produce in a global economy. Robin Landa identifies the Three Gs of every good idea:

Goal-Your vision for the end
Gap-The underdeveloped area that your idea fills
Gain-The overall benefits of your goal

With explanations and examples of each component, this book demystifies the process of effective ideation and hands you the key to unlock your creative potential.



About the Member

Robin Landa

Distinguished Professor

Kean University
Robin Landa is a distinguished professor of design at Kean University and one of the top authors of textbooks on graphic design and creative design. Landa has won numerous awards from organizations such as the National Society of Arts and Letters, the National League of Pen Women, and Human Rights Educators USA, and the Carnegie Foundation counts her among the "Great Teachers of Our Time." She is a chair of Design Incubation, an advocacy organization dedicated to communication design research. She has written twenty-three books, including Nimble, Advertising by Design, and Designing Brand Experiences.