The Ring of Time Typography Calendar 2023



The Time of Ring is a double-sided calendar inspired by the yearly wheel. In addition to the decorative and functional nature of a calendar, the designer hopes that it will provoke people to think about time and bring the experience of living in the present.

The growth of a tree has two sides, inside and outside. We look at the changing color of its leaves to remind ourselves of the passing of time, while in the place we cannot see, the trunk of the tree grows a new annual wheel inward with all its strength. It uses the leaves to tell itself that another year has passed, and the width of the annual rings to tell itself how the year is going.

The annual wheel is always fair in front of time, and when a new year comes, the trees are brand new, and so are you. Looking at the front of the calendar is actually the same as humans looking at trees, January is green because it is newborn; February is pink because lovers all over the world have a common holiday in this month; March is blue because the temperature is gradually rising and the sky is getting brighter… Its color reminds us that there is something worth caring about in the present day and what kind of people we should spend it with. The back of the calendar often faces the wall.

Trees grow with everything facing inward, and so do humans. Trees change four colors a year, and a person still has to look inward for answers about how the year is going. The world sees you and me as just going to work and eating day in and day out, rushing to sleep, but in fact there is more to it than that. Maybe I have a colored day, a sports day with red to draw it out, a day with good dreams maybe with a blue pen.In the seemingly stagnant time, perhaps we are active enough to fill the white date, life will have more color.




About the Member

He Yuxuan


"One Show Asia TDC Jury Member Member of the Art Directors Club of New York (ADC) Member of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA) Former Design Director of Tigerpan Packaging Lab (2015 - 2022) He Yuxuan is a designer who is pushing the boundaries of commercial design and is continuing to explore the field of typography and brand packaging design. He has provided multidisciplinary and multi-category branding and packaging design services for many super brands in China, and has passed the test of the real market. In 2022, he founded WhyNot Design, a design studio focused on branding and packaging design, dedicated to bringing niche culture to the mass market, creating refreshing design work, and exploring the pain and joy behind every exquisite design detail. A finalist for the TDC Ascenders in 2022 and a juror for the OneShow Asia TDC, he has also won over 50 international awards, including the NY ADC Silver Cube, NY TDC, NY One Show, Tokyo TDC, D&AD, Pentawards Gold, Red Dot: Best of the best, Dieline, Award 360°, IF Award, Muse, Graphis, IDEA, Asia's Most Influential Design Award, Hiiibrand International Jury Award, etc. His work has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. New Zealand, Australia and Spain."