Vital Impacts



We are have over 100 Open Edition Prints and 50 Limited Edition Prints from world-renowned photographers and proceeds will support the next generation of environmentalists through Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots and the Vital Impacts Environmental Grants and Mentorships.




About the Member

Ami Vitale

Executive Director

Vital Impacts
Our mission is to use photography to create empathy, awareness and understanding to help us see that the survival of the planet is intertwined with our own survival. As photographers we have a huge opportunity to inform and influence change, but pressing the shutter is just the start. For an image to have significance, it needs to reach people. To this end, we are working to get the photographs of Vital Impacts photographers and our mentees into high profile media and exhibitions around the world. We also are creating a marketplace for photographers who show a commitment to the environment and then we use the funds raised to support conservation and environmental initiatives around the world. We will be launching two $20,000 environmental storytelling grants. These grants will give the recipients funding and mentoring to produce a body of work over twelve months. We have also created a 12 month mentoring program for the top 50 participants in the grants. Each month, they would have one hour long inspirational talk from leaders in the field of conservation and photography.